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amber lyon

amber lyon

Founder of @MediaRootsNews, BOD of @ProjectCensored, Host of @RT_America’s ‘Breaking The Set’, Artist.
Abby Martin is a studio anchor and correspondent in RT’s Washington, DC bureau.

Breaking the Set is a show that cuts through the false Left/Right paradigm and pre-established narrative set in the corporate news and political establishment. Host Abby Martin undermines the mainstream media propaganda while calling out the real players behind the scenes.

Before coming to RT, Abby was involved in the creation of multiple new media projects. She is a self taught editor, videographer, writer, journalist and artist. In 2009, she founded her own citizen journalism media organization called Media Roots based in Oakland, CA. There, she editorially managed and produced hundreds of multimedia stories, including front line coverage of the Occupy Oakland crackdowns.

Abby is also the youngest member on the board of Project Censored, the largest research organization in the country, that works to publish the top 25 censored news stories every year. While based in the Bay Area, she hosted a weekly radio show with Project Censored on KPFA, a Pacifica affiliate FM radio station.

Abby received her Bachelor’s degree in Political Science from San Diego State University with a minor in Spanish. Throughout her education, she lived in Spain and Costa Rica to pursue her Spanish studies.

During her free time Abby loves to take photos and make art, hiking, traveling and exploring new places.


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